Getting those unique items in a game of PUBG can really turn the tides of the match. An AWM in the right hands, a Ghillie suit in the grass, an adrenaline shot at the right time. Battlegrounds definitely has some room for a few more unique items and rewards. On top of that there’s a huge space wide open for more skins and cosmetics. Here’s a look at a few items and cosmetics that we think could make a big difference to PUBG.


1– Rangefinders/Binoculars


We all have those games where we just can’t find a 4x or 8x scope. Squad games where you’re sitting there with a holographic sight while your friends are spotting enemies hundreds of metres away. One of the items we see players asking for more than anything else is a set of binoculars or rangefinders. Binoculars could be used to at least get a sight on that squad your teammates are calling out. Rangefinders take that idea a step further, allowing you to find out how far away those enemies are. You can already judge someone’s distance by measuring the 100 metre squares on the map, but to be able to do it easily and accurately would be a really cool addition to the game.

2-Rewards for Win/Kill Milestones

Getting a win currently rewards you with that much coveted chicken dinner but, besides the euphoric satisfaction and adrenaline rush, there isn’t much to show for your wins. Imagine getting a unique parachute design for reaching 25 solo wins, or a golden helmet skin for getting 1000 kills. They might draw some unwanted attention, but hey, you’ll look like the badass you are.

3- Grappling Hooks

The first of a couple of items in this list aimed at helping to deal with campers. There’s a lot of debate out there about different play styles, and ‘camping’ is definitely a viable play style. However, there’s not very much in the way of tools for helping someone trying to clear out a house. Something like a grappling hook, allowing players to scale a wall, would make a great limited use item. Imagine breaching a window like Rainbow Six Siege, or coming in from the roof and surprising someone trying to hold the stairs.


4– Rebreather Masks

The circle’s coming in and you’re on the wrong island. You can’t find a car to save your life and to make matters worse there is gunfire on the bridge. You brave the open run to the beach, only to find nothing but sand an water. You’ve got to swim, it’s your only chance. Wouldn’t it be great in these situations if you could have found a rebreather mask just to make that swim a little more bearable?  Maybe a nice pair of flippers to increase your swim speed. It might sound ridiculous, but anyone that has had to make that swim knows how excruciating it can be.

5- More Cosmetics and Skins

These are definitely in the pipeline, and Player Unknown has already talked about his admiration for CS:GO’s skin model. We’ve had a couple of unique item sets added, the PLAYERUNKNOWN set and the Twitch Prime set. Player Unknown has also said that the team don’t plan to start focusing on adding cosmetic items until after the game leaves early access. However we’ve already had a few glimpses of some of these new cosmetics in teasers.

A lot of these items are a homage to the original Battleroyale movie. The current item set is getting a bit stale, and I’m sure I’m not the only one sitting on thousands of BP eagerly awaiting a new crate. With the steam market, Battlegrounds has the perfect place to implement a loot crate system. Rare cosmetics will be really sought after, and there’s always that option for someone to buy those items from the market if they have the means to.

6- Gas Grenades

Another item for breaching buildings. To be fair this one could easily be replaced by an upgraded molotov, but it would be great to have a grenade that forces people out of an area. Frag grenades are great when you know the exact room someone is in, but when you need something that covers a wider area the moltov just doesn’t cut it currently. A lingering gas effect would be a unique way of turning the tide in the favour of the aggressor.

7– Stealth Suit

The Ghillie suit is a really cool example of a unique item in the game. There’s nothing else like the ghillie suit in the game and there’s definitely some room for something similar. How about a crate only ‘stealth suit’ to make your footsteps silent? There are so many times you’re creeping around a house trying to make a stealthy entrance, only to give yourself away as you shuffle around obnoxiously like you’re wrapped in tin foil. A lot of people would appreciate a way to silence those foot steps and it would definitely make a worthwhile reward for getting to one of those crates. Everyone wants to feel like Big Boss or Solid Snake.



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