If you’re a gamer paying any attention at all, you’ll know that Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is the game of the hour. The early access battle royale game is doing everything right, and has quickly gathered a huge following. It’s all over twitch, reddit, and even made a big appearance at E3 last month.

The game is getting weekly updates, mostly focusing on optimisation, and big monthly updates that always have something new for the players. It’s a refreshing change of pace for gamers out there that have been getting a bit jaded with the early access model.

Last month’s big update added two new weapons, two new weather types for the map, and a host of other fixes and changes to improve the gameplay experience.  There are still features, some already in development, that players are really hoping will make their way into the game. Here’s a list of some of the most sought after features, big and small, that we think will improve the game.

1 – New Maps


We all love Erangel, the island of Battlegrounds that we’ve all become familiar with. Georgopol, Pochinki, Mylta, Military Base, we know them all inside out now.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some new maps to rediscover? Maybe some maps with different styles and colour palettes. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you wont be disappointed. Bluehole are already working on two new maps, both around 6 months down the line.

First is a 4x4km map set in a desert city. We’ve already seen a couple of teasers, and the map definitely takes some inspiration from cowboy westerns. Second will be another 8x8km map, set on a thick forested island, with Mediterranean beaches and a snowy mountain top.  Both maps will definitely offer a breath of fresh air and a great change of pace for people used to Erangel.

2– First person mode

There’s been a lot of debate on this one. Whichever side you’re on, it’s hard to argue that the addition of first person only mode wouldn’t be a good thing. Advocates for first person argue that it will put more engagements on a level playing field. It will certainly make camping houses a less rewarding strategy, because you;ll have to actually poke your head into the window to look outside. Bluehole are working hard on implementing first person mode already, and the first we’ll see of it will be with July’s monthly update (coming in the first week of August…). It will only show up for NA/EU Solos and Duos for now, but it’s a great step forward for everyone interested.

3– More Bullet Penetration

This one is simple. Ever tried to shoot through a window, only to empty your clip into the tiny window bars? Yeah, that needs sorting out. Plainly, it’s just annoying. Either the window bars (and some other obstacles like them) need to be destructible, or you need to be able to shoot through them.

4– Replay system


Ever wanted to see just how agonisingly close you were to people during a match without ever knowing? Good news, 2d and 3d replays are being worked on. Earlier in the game’s development there was a version of the 2d replay system already in place, allowing you to see just where everyone had been during a full game. You could follow specific players, see when they exited their parachute, fired their gun, drove a vehicle, and died.  A replay system will be especially helpful for two types of people. Firstly, people that want to analyse and improve their game. Getting to see what you did right and wrong after a game will give a great advantage to those wiling to put in the extra time. Secondly, content creators will rejoice at the addition of a 3d replay system. Expect montages, machinimas, and all sorts of gameplay videos to take a big step forward when the replay system is released.

5– More detailed post game statistics

Not much to this one, we just want more post game statistics! After a long game of knock outs, close calls, kilometres travelled, grenades dodged, and vehicles blown up, it’s more than a little anti climatic to just see Kills, Kill points, Hit Points as your statistics at the end of a game. I want to know exact damage values, distance travelled, and how many people I knocked out but didn’t kill. These statistics are already in the game, viewable at the more detailed statistics page, so why can’t we see them on the post game screen? There’s definitely a lot more that can be done with the space, because it’s not being utilised properly at the moment.

6– Vaulting


Another feature demo’d at E3 this year. Vaulting looks to be Bluehole’s answer to all of our wall hopping troubles. Awkwardly crouch jumping over fences will be no more, instead a dynamic vaulting system will take over. Your character will tackle obstacles differently based on their height, taking longer to scale taller barriers. Not only should this make the game feel better, it should look much cooler too. Bluehole have worked hard, getting motion capture references for the vaulting system and it looks better than we could have hoped for.

7– Easier reporting system

Last month Bluehole announced it had banned over 25,000 players in just 3 months. There are certainly cheaters out there, and some of you will have suffered at their hands. It sounds like Bluehole are doing what they can to deal with these players, but the option to help report cheaters just isn’t very accessible. In those moments when you run into a cheater you just can’t report them easily. There’s a long and arduous process in place  that involves creating an account for another service, filling out a form, remembering the player name and approximate time and date of the incident, and uploading any evidence if you happened to be able to capture the moment. PUBG really needs an easy in game reporting system.

8– Kill cams in solo

Kill cams won’t ever find their way into duos or squads, and nor should they. Communication is key to winning those modes, and knowing exactly where someone killed you from will remove a lot of smart tactical gameplay. However we all know that feeling in solo when you just have no idea where you were shot from. Having a killcam in this situation would be a great tool for understanding your mistakes and learning from them. Similar to the replay system but in a short more immediate format.

9– A Training Mode


Currently the game only has one training mode. If you want to learn, you’ve got to go to school. Dropping at the inescapable hotbed that is school, nearly dead centre of the map, is the best way to quickly get yourself into gunfights. Losing gunfights is an important learning tool. Sure, if you play smart you can get to the final 10 fairly often, but when you need to fire your gun in that final circle you’re sure to mess up. Recoil, rate of fire, bullet drop, all of these are things you can only get used to with experience. Dropping at school, or another hotly contested area, gives you that experience. However, it’s a bit of a long winded way of going about it. How about adding a firing range, or a deathmatch area once you’re dead in a game? The game needs a way for players to practice their aim without queuing over and over just to drop at school and die.

10– Better Map Marking

Map marking is a brilliant tool in squads. Marking where you want to drop, where you’ve seen a vest or helmet, where you’ve spotted an enemy, or where you want to move up to next. The delete key nicely removes your marker, so it would only be intuitive if the Insert key could place a marker on your position. In a game that relies so much on awareness, it would be nice to not have to open the map, scroll and zoom, whenever you want to place a marker on your exact position. Another neat feature would be the ability to draw on the map or plot routes on the map. It’s easy to see this being abused by teammates, drawing massive dicks across the map, however for the tacticians out there it would be a much loved feature.

11– Executions

Ever knock out a player in those early moments, when you have nothing but your fists and your unrivalled fury, only to find yourself flailing at them as they crawl hopelessly on the ground? This is where some nice animated executions could come in. A swift curb stomp or a smooth pan to the back of the head. Yet again this is another feature on the list that Bluehole have mentioned they would like to add. Player Unknown tweeted out some more sweet motion capture footage.

This isn’t a huge gameplay change, but it’s one of those things that would add a nice extra layer to the game.

12– Ping Locked/Region Locked Servers

This feature is probably the second most requested behind first person servers. “That guy shot me around the wall!”, “How did that guy take so many shots?”, “How am I still being shot?”. All of these complaints often get blamed on ‘desync’, but what is desync? Desync is when there is a difference between what the client is told and what the server is told, often brought on by one player having a high ping latency to the server.  Many players abuse this deysnc issue by playing on foreign servers where they will have a high ping latency, meaning that they can shoot you where they see you on their screen, and it will register a hit despite you being in a different place on your screen. This issue would largely fix itself if there was a ping cap, or region lock on players.

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